Monday, March 7, 2011

Cute Sometimes Is Just As Important

Not every girl who is considered to be the "Cream of Venus" is a gorgeous woman who deserves to be on the front cover of a Victoria's Secret Lingerie catalog. There is more to it than just extreme physical beauty. Now me personally, I find that a major factor is "cuteness", which if you scroll through "Cream of Venus", you'll discover influences my choices rather drastically. I remember this cool test once where you had to choose between two different pictures of women, selecting which one appealed more to your personal tastes. My score clearly put me in the almost pedophilic but barely legal category, along with an emphasis on redheads, petite build, and big gorgeous eyes.

Yes. I know my dream woman is secretly a hentai poster.

The girl above is Tiara from My Precious Virgins. Tiara is cute. Not gorgeously beautiful, but sort of girl next door who just turned seventeen cute. She just dropped by your house to drop of the cookies you bought from her a few weeks ago and you've managed to get the bonus by buying a hundred boxes. She strips off her cute little green uniform, complete with white knee socks and is know kneeling on your bed.

Now I have something else to say, which I know is unusual, but if you click here and go look at the gallery (which is probably a waste of time) you will see that I've actually posted the only decent pictures of Tiara there are. The others are all extreme closeups... of her face! WTF? Don't get me wrong. She's cute and it shows, but what the hell was the photographer thinking? Why didn't we get the good stuff? Now if you DO click on the link and look at the gallery, I want you to notice one other thing: See Tiara in the sidebar? They've blown up the ONE pic of her full frontal nude and then PHOTOSHOPPED IT! Seriously, they did a skin treatment on her! Smoothed out the skin, lightened it up, that sort of thing. What the hell? You call THIS a sample page?

Ok, I'm done ranting now.

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